Wedding Entertainment Specialists
for Wisconsin and the Chicago area.

Imagine your wedding reception just ended...

Everything was better than you dreamed it would be. Everyone was happy. No one wanted to go home.

We'll make this dream a reality.

Corey Rock Entertainment is your key to bringing your wedding day dreams to life. We love weddings. We love working with brides. And we know how to create a magical reception that exceeds your dreams.

Remember this …

… entertainment makes the event. If your guests are having fun, the food tastes better. The flowers look fresher. And the hall looks like a palace. Corey Rock Entertainment creates an event that engages and energizes your guests. Your dance floor will be full of people laughing and having a great time.

We provide the fun … done the way you want it. We play the music you love. We provide the level of interaction you want.

Your job is to simply relax and bask in the glow of a celebration that’s all about you.

Questions? Call me: 262-695-8787